Bicycle Parking Lot Arrangement Tool


The Bicycle Parking Lot Arrangement Tool provides design automation: it assembles optimal layouts with a given family library, ensures the most effective use of space, and accommodates more bikes in a given area.

What It Does

  • Generates optimal layouts in seconds, eliminates manual calculations, and maximizes space utilization.
  • Simultaneously, it creates location drawings, standard drawings, and specification files.


  • Time and effort-saving in planning. ​
  • Meets every standard and criterion given by the client. ​
  • Regulations are covered, leaving zero room for error.

Adaptive Potentials

This tool isn't just for bikes! It can optimize parking layouts for cars, motorcycles, and even electric vehicles, ensuring efficient use of space in any parking scenario.

The possibilities are endless: optimize the layout of any space, from server rooms to office floors, classrooms to libraries. Maximize space utilization, improve traffic flow, and save time and effort on manual planning. 

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