2D Drafting Services

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A trusted and superior 2D Drafting services provider

- Are you lacking knowledgeable and skilled staff who can accurately depict all the geometric features of your product?

- Are you short on funds to hire in-house expertise?

Outsourcing your needs to a 2D drafting services company is a cost-effective solution for you.
As a well-known 2D Drafting service provider with a highly knowledgeable and experienced team of drafters and engineers, Harmony AT has offered exceptional CAD drawing services to thousands of clients around the world. We deliver pixel-perfect 2D CAD Drafting services for any form of 2D design according to your requirements.

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2D Drafting Services We Offer

We value accuracy in drawings and drafts. This enables us to present our clients with results that are exceptionally accurate, clear and easy-to-grasp results.

Construction drawing

Our team of architects and engineers has an extensive understanding of various international construction standards to create accurate, detailed drawings, working drawings, presentation drawings, and more for projects ranging in complexity and size. Moreover, we ensure that our 2D drawings are placed in a standardized format with an appropriate scale of the sheet, proper readable fonts, line weights, color-coded layers, and so on, making them easy to interpret.

Bill of Materials (BOM)

We assist you in creating a Bill of Materials (BOM) list that displays all materials and components needed to construct a scaffold with the latest and most cost-effective technology and tools. It helps ensure your business has all the materials and components required and prevents inventory inaccuracies, waste, and construction delays.

As-Built drafting

This service contains the creation of as-built drawings and document markups as well as the updating of drawings, 3D models, and documents. And, we help you create a modified set of as-built drawings for construction by precisely mapping the dimensions and locations of work-in-progress and completed jobs.


Why Should You Work With Harmony AT For 2D Draft Services

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Utilize latest the technology and tools

We possess the most up-to-date fully licensed CAD and BIM software to deliver fast, accurate, and dependable 2D designs

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Strict quality controls

We employ multiple levels of quality control to ensure that errors are kept to a minimum in all of our projects.

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Quick turnaround

We understand the necessity of delivering construction drawings ahead of the deadline with no mistakes. Thus, we make certain that the first drafts are as close to perfection as possible.

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Personalized and tailor-made service

Our skilled team is adaptable and can work to your requirements, making changes and corrections throughout the design process.

2D Drafting Services Process At Harmony AT

Step 01

1. Discussion with clients

The project scope, cost, transfer of site plans, survey data and sketches

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2. Drafting

Begin drafting the construction drawings

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3. Initial design checks

Check the first draft, cross-referencing with the original survey information and sketch.

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4. Submission & feedback

Submit the first draft to client for feedback

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5. Revision

Analyze the feedback and make any necessary modifications to the drawings.

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6. Final check

QA team will ensure that drawings are completed to the highest standards of quality and accuracy.

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7. Final submission

The drawing is sent to the client in their preferred format.

Experience freedom from the hassles of hiring, payroll, 

or common infrastructure with outsourcing 2D drafting to Harmony AT today.