2D to 3D Modeling Tripper Car


A Japanese player in the renewable energy sector, focused on both production and extraction of electrical energy (Energy, Heavy Industrial sector).


 Transforming training for massive Tripper Car systems from rudimentary 2D drawings to a cutting-edge 3D experience, while simultaneously bolstering production efficiency and streamlining machine maintenance.

2D drawing tripper car
2D drawing tripper car 1
2D drawing tripper car 3

Scope of Work:

3D Tripper Car Model: Implement a comprehensive 3D model of the entire Tripper Car system, leveraging Inventor software for unparalleled detail and accuracy.

Interactive Motion Simulator: Develop a dedicated tool within AutoCAD that visually simulates the car's motion limitations, enhancing safety and operational awareness.

Centralized Data Hub: Utilize Vault as a central platform for managing and accessing all 3D models and simulation data, enabling seamless collaboration and real-time visualization.


Detailed Breakdown Analysis: Our team meticulously analyzed the intricate breakdown figures of the Tripper Car system, gaining a deep understanding of its functionalities and individual components.

3D Modeling Expertise: Drawing upon our experience with Japanese technical requirements and standards, we crafted a meticulous 3D model of the entire system, encompassing every element with precision and adherence to industry regulations.

Dynamic Motion Simulation: Leveraging AutoCAD's capabilities, we developed a dedicated tool that visually showcases the car's motion limitations in real-time, providing operators with valuable insights into safe and efficient operation.

Unified Data Management: We implemented Vault as a central hub for storing, managing, and accessing all 3D models and simulation data, promoting seamless collaboration and real-time data visualization for training and operational purposes.

3D model tripper car


Immersive Training Revolution: By replacing static 2D diagrams with an interactive 3D environment, the customer dramatically improved the effectiveness and engagement of their training programs, leading to enhanced operational efficiency and safety.

Process Optimization through Visualization: The 3D model and data visualization capabilities facilitated detailed analyses of the entire system, allowing for the identification and optimization of production processes, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced downtime.

Predictive Maintenance and Upkeep: Utilizing the insights gleaned from the 3D model and simulation tools, the customer could develop more effective and targeted maintenance strategies, extending the lifespan of their Tripper Car system and minimizing repair costs.

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