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Welcome to my exploration of Harmony AT, a well-known BIM service provider in Vietnam, focusing on BIM outsourcing. In this introduction, I will delve into the fundamental aspects of Harmony AT's role in the construction and architecture industry in Vietnam, providing you with a clear understanding of their valuable contributions. Let's embark on this journey together and discover how Harmony AT is shaping the future of construction through Building Information Modeling (BIM) services.

Introduction about Harmony Advanced Technologies

Harmony Advanced Technologies (Harmony AT) is Vietnam - based BIM/CAD services provider delivering reliable and cost-efficient BIM/ CAD Outsourcing Services to clients across 10+ countries with custom technology solutions. 

Serving the construction industry since 2002, we have gained extensive knowledge and experience-based multidisciplinary perspective for diverse customers in the AEC industry including architects, engineers, contractors, AEC software companies by constantly updating our technologies and adapting their evolving needs.



Fundamental Services Offered by Our Company

Modeling Services

Software Development

Product Design & Manufacturing

BIM/ CIM Modeling

Web-based Application Development

Reverse Engineering

BIM Coordination

Plugin Development

Mechanical Drafting

2D Drafting Services

Automation & Scripting

Industrial Programming

BIM/ CIM Simulation & Visualization



How Partnering with Harmony Advanced Technologies Can Revolutionize Your Business?

In today's fast-paced business world, staying competitive and efficient is crucial for success. At Harmony Advanced Technologies, we can revolutionize your business. Here's how:

We Offer a Bigger Talent Pool

When you team up with us, you gain access to a vast talent pool. This means you can find the right experts for your specific needs without the hassle of recruiting and training them yourself.

We Provide Competitive Rates

We offer competitive rates for our services. You can save on costs compared to hiring in-house staff while still getting top-quality work.

We Offer a Higher Number of Outsourcing Services

At Harmony, we provide a wide range of outsourcing services, from BIM/CIM modeling, drafting, construction software development, etc. This one-stop-shop approach simplifies your business operations and streamlines your processes.

We Have Higher Experience Levels

Our professionals come with extensive experience in their respective fields. You can benefit from their expertise without investing time and resources in training.

We Ensure Greater Security

Security is our top priority. We employ advanced security measures to protect your data and ensure confidentiality. Your sensitive information is in safe hands.

We Provide Scalable Outsourcing

As your business grows, your outsourcing needs may change. We can scale our services up or down to match your evolving requirements, providing flexibility and cost-efficiency.

We Can Speak Many Languages

Having spent many years working with many companies from countries around the world, being proficient in foreign languages is a must for us. English, German, and Japanese are the 3 main languages we use at work. Therefore, customers can be completely assured about the quality and efficiency of work when cooperating with us.

Don't hesitate any longer, click here to explore the world of magical construction services of Harmony AT - the trusted destination of Vietnam's leading architects.

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