Hi there, this is Harmony AT!

Harmony Advanced Technologies was founded in 2002 under Harmony Software Technologies, specializing in software development for BIM/CAD products & BIM modeling.


After years of experience, various market changes, we have proudly proven ourselves as a leading BIM product and service provider in Vietnam. We were the first to provide software customization for AutoCAD in Vietnam, accelerating the transition and the popularity of AutoCAD here with our plugins, specifically customized to the needs of Vietnamese engineers. This has revolutionized the way Vietnamese companies design, helping them move away from the traditional pen-and-paper method and embrace new technologies.


Today, we’ve expanded our services to a wider range of customers in the construction industry as a whole, covering various divisions alongside infrastructure. Our services have been approved by even the strictest customers in Vietnam and all around the world. Apart from our position as a leading IT service provider, we also offer a complete BIM transition package, including BIM modelling service, as well as training and consulting services to ensure you have access to the most innovative technologies and softwares.


Harmony Avanced Technologies is a company of the young and the young-at-heart. Constantly striving for excellence and personal growth, our goal is to achieve a balanced, friendly yet professional working environment with plenty of opportunities and fun activities for our employees to bond with each other.

Some facts

We combine tradition and experiences with young-at-heart attitudes to create a unique company


20 years of experience with BIM/CAD solutions


50+ "ATer" - highly motivated employees, our greatest asset


Based in Hanoi, Vietnam - offers services worldwide