We are ATer

BIM Engineers

Architects, Structure- and Civil Engineers, eager to help you with your BIM projects.

Software developers and testers

Professionals, who live, love and code.

All-round Talents

Sales and Marketing Experts, Communicators, Accountant, Admin and our cat Yen.

Nguyen Thao

Software Tester

My colleagues and I, we go through thick and thin together. It just feels like home, like a big family.

Mai Tien Thang

Software Developer

Life is joy and work, both exist together. Working at Harmony AT makes me feel joy at work, ´cause here I find my passion, my belief, and a common goal that we all head towards together. 

Nguyen The Vu

Product manager NOVA TDN

I´m a Civil Engineer. Contributing my ideas into a product and seeing its Go-Live are really satisfying for me. That´s what I love about my job! 

Yen (¥)

The Cat

I´m the actual boss. When I´m not sleeping, I´m supervising our developers so that they do not produce too many bugs.

Our company is a collective of amazing people. Wanna join us?

We are always seeking for the right people. If you feel like an ATer, please leave your information in our contact form, and let´s get in touch!

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