BIM Federated Model: Definition, Benefits, and Creation with Revit and Navisworks

In the world of building and design, Building Information Modeling (BIM) is making a big impact. One important tool in BIM is the BIM Federated Model. It helps people work together on projects and manage them better.

In this guide, we'll explain what the BIM Federated Model is, show you why it's so useful, and teach you how to create it using software like Revit and Navisworks. Let's explore this tool that can change the way you work on architectural projects.

What is the BIM Federated Model?

A federated BIM model is when various building information models (BIMs) from different experts are put together into one big model. It's like building with different LEGO sets, but then making one giant LEGO creation from them. This combined model is usually called a federated model once it's in a special computer program. These input models can only be viewed and can include 2D drawings like blueprints.

Now, more building owners want to use BIM technology and follow BIM standards. They want to keep an eye on how the BIM process works from design and construction to when the building is being used.



Benefits of BIM Federated Model

A federated BIM model brings together different construction models in one tool. These models come from different construction areas, but they stay separate and can't be changed without permission. Here are some good things about the federated BIM model:

Better Coordination: It helps people work together better. Everyone can see the design clearly, even if they work on different parts of the project.

Less Mistakes and Redoing Work: It helps find mistakes early. When different models are in one place, it's easier to see where things might not fit together. Fixing problems early saves time and money.

Better Cost Estimates: The federated BIM model has lots of information. It combines pictures and other data from different sources, like charts and drawings. This makes it easier to figure out how much the project will cost.

Project Management: It helps with different project tasks like finding mistakes, approving things, coordinating the design, and estimating costs. It helps make smart decisions, reduces problems, uses resources better, and lowers legal issues.

Sharing Data the Way You Need: You can choose what information to share. Different people on the project can get only the details they need.

But there are some challenges to using federated BIM models. These include setting up new checks and ways to make changes, but these challenges are worth it because the benefits are big.



Characteristics of BIM Federated Model

A BIM Federated Model might sound complicated, but let's make it easy to understand. Picture it as a giant Lego creation made up of smaller Lego sets. Each set represents a different part of a building project, like walls, plumbing, or electrical work. Let's explore the key features of a BIM Federated Model in simple terms.

Putting Pieces Together

Imagine building a big Lego structure with your friends. Each friend builds a specific part, like a tower or a bridge. When you combine all the pieces, it forms a complete and impressive creation.

Example: It's like creating a massive Lego city where each person builds a unique building, and when you connect them, you have a bustling cityscape.

Keeping Parts Separate

In a BIM Federated Model, each piece stays separate, like separate Lego sets. The architects work on their part, and the plumbers focus on theirs. They can see how everything fits together, but they don't mix up their work.

Example: Think of it like cooking a pizza with your friends. Each person adds their favorite toppings to their slice, but the slices remain separate on the same pizza.

Early Spotting of Mistakes

One cool thing about a BIM Federated Model is that it helps find mistakes early. When you put all the Lego pieces together, it's easy to notice if something doesn't fit right. This prevents expensive errors and changes later on.

Example: It's like assembling a jigsaw puzzle, and if a piece doesn't fit, you know right away and can fix it without tearing the whole puzzle apart.

Figuring Out Costs

Because the BIM Federated Model combines all the information, it's like having a shopping list with prices for building your Lego masterpiece. You know exactly how much it will cost.

Example: Think of it as making a list of ingredients for a cake recipe, including their prices, so you can budget correctly.

Smart Project Management

A BIM Federated Model isn't just about design. It's like having a map that guides everyone in building the Lego city correctly. This reduces confusion, saves time, and avoids disagreements.

Example: Imagine you and your friends are building a massive Lego amusement park. You have a master plan that shows where each ride goes, making everything run smoothly.

Sharing What's Needed

Sometimes, not everyone needs to see the entire Lego creation. With a BIM Federated Model, you can choose which parts to share. This is handy because not everyone needs to know every detail.

Example: It's like showing your friends your Lego creation. You might focus on the parts you're most proud of and explain those, rather than showing them every single piece.

To sum it up, a BIM Federated Model is like building a complex Lego structure with friends, where everyone works on different parts. It helps catch mistakes early, calculate costs accurately, and manage projects efficiently. You can also choose what to share, just like you'd highlight the coolest parts of your Lego masterpiece to your friends. So, even though BIM Federated Models might seem tricky, they make real-world construction projects much simpler.



How Revit And Navisworks Can Be Used To Create BIM Federated Model

Revit - the Design Master

Revit, powered by Dynamo for Revit, is like the superhero for designing buildings. It helps architects create detailed 3D models of different parts of a building, like walls, floors, and even furniture. These are called "discipline-specific models," and with the added dynamism of Dynamo for Revit, architects can take their designs to the next level.

Navisworks - the Coordinator

Navisworks, on the other hand, is like the conductor of an orchestra. It takes all those discipline-specific models from Revit and puts them together. It can even include models from other software, like AutoCAD. When they're all in one place, Navisworks makes sure they fit together perfectly.

How to Create Federated Models

Design in Revit: First, architects and engineers create their separate designs using Revit. They focus on their specific areas, like plumbing, electrical, or structural details.

Export Models: Each discipline-specific model is saved separately in Revit.

Combine in Navisworks: Now, it's Navisworks' turn. It takes all the individual models and brings them together. Think of it like putting together a puzzle with pieces from different boxes.

Check for Clashes: One cool thing Navisworks does is it checks for clashes or problems where different pieces don't fit together. It's like a quality control inspector for your digital building.

Collaborate: Once everything fits and clashes are resolved, the Federated Model is ready. Now, the whole team, including builders and contractors, can work from this single master plan.

How Could Harmony AT Help To Develop Your BIM Federated Model?

At Harmony AT, we're here to make your BIM Federated Model shine! With over 20 years of experience, we've been helping countries like Germany and Japan with our BIM/CIM modeling magic.

Our team of experts uses special software to create super-detailed digital models of your projects. These models have all the important info about the building parts like walls, pipes, and materials. It's like having a virtual version of your project that can help you avoid mistakes, talk better with your team, and make smart decisions.

Want to learn more about how Harmony AT can help your BIM project? Just head over to our contact page here and drop us a message. We're here to help!

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